Monday, April 30, 2012

post worthy

i stumble upon all new sorts of webpages and videos (and blogs) throughout the week that i find fun, interesting, inspiring, or sometimes even, hair raising! here are a few from this week i hope you will enjoy/check out!

(once again, i have yet to figure out how to load a video onto a post, so for now, you'll have to do your own exploring, but i'm trying to make them enticing..)

no regrets, y'all

ordered. any mason jar lover, its a must!

a little dirt never hurt

environmental reprecautions years later.. should we steer clear?

permaculture documentary shown in asheville

new-to-me amazing blog!

and another! and she just built a very cool and very do-able (even for me, no carpentry skills to boot!)

hell no, gmo!

enjoy, y'all!

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