Sunday, April 29, 2012

craziness is like heaven (in photos)

'craziness is like heaven' first weeks at a glance...
yog-ahh in the backyard at the beach

piggy love at the beach..

 foggy morning on the beach..

ocean, sand, sun, margarita, and a good book (middlesex, lovin' it! although i always do have multiple going at the same time so i linger in them all..)

a little easter hand-lettering in a gifted vintage garden book that goes month-month, love it!

            ...more yoga under the pier

easter dinner plate

easter asparagus 

new pyrex!

royal flushes and shaggin' on the boardwalk,
for diddy!

a carolina beach classic, britts donuts!

a peek into the hoop houses over raised beds during a bout of cold weather a few weeks ago..


one of my favorites: tomatoes, view from the greenhouse looking into the yard


cooked down in butter, and made into a yummy pasta, recipe to come!

drying oregano in the window of the living room!

visit with my favorite!

greens for love soup! recipe to come!

mom picked berries for me! and part of my pyrex collection!

vintage needlework, house plant, and garden books!

whole new stack of new books!

new necklace; and love from me, to y'all!

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