Monday, April 30, 2012

post worthy

i stumble upon all new sorts of webpages and videos (and blogs) throughout the week that i find fun, interesting, inspiring, or sometimes even, hair raising! here are a few from this week i hope you will enjoy/check out!

(once again, i have yet to figure out how to load a video onto a post, so for now, you'll have to do your own exploring, but i'm trying to make them enticing..)

no regrets, y'all

ordered. any mason jar lover, its a must!

a little dirt never hurt

environmental reprecautions years later.. should we steer clear?

permaculture documentary shown in asheville

new-to-me amazing blog!

and another! and she just built a very cool and very do-able (even for me, no carpentry skills to boot!)

hell no, gmo!

enjoy, y'all!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

craziness is like heaven (in photos)

'craziness is like heaven' first weeks at a glance...
yog-ahh in the backyard at the beach

piggy love at the beach..

 foggy morning on the beach..

ocean, sand, sun, margarita, and a good book (middlesex, lovin' it! although i always do have multiple going at the same time so i linger in them all..)

a little easter hand-lettering in a gifted vintage garden book that goes month-month, love it!

            ...more yoga under the pier

easter dinner plate

easter asparagus 

new pyrex!

royal flushes and shaggin' on the boardwalk,
for diddy!

a carolina beach classic, britts donuts!

a peek into the hoop houses over raised beds during a bout of cold weather a few weeks ago..


one of my favorites: tomatoes, view from the greenhouse looking into the yard


cooked down in butter, and made into a yummy pasta, recipe to come!

drying oregano in the window of the living room!

visit with my favorite!

greens for love soup! recipe to come!

mom picked berries for me! and part of my pyrex collection!

vintage needlework, house plant, and garden books!

whole new stack of new books!

new necklace; and love from me, to y'all!

Friday, April 20, 2012

my week at a glance!

These past few weeks have been in.sane y'all. Seriously, amazing and fun, but my dad, I haven't had a moment to sit (..or pick, or paint, or dig..)
Lots of wonderful things have been happening and when I get a moment, I will show my gratitude for them each individually, so that they get the attention they deserve. But until then I figured I'd just give you a quick peek into my Easter at the beach with fam, weekend at home with my bestie home from Spain, and all thats fallen in between.. And I'm off again this weekend to see some more besties in Atlanta for a much needed girls trip, full of pampering and love! hope you all enjoy this craziness as much as I do.. After all, 'craziness is like heaven!'

Sunday, April 1, 2012

springin' forward


these were all taken after I got back from cali last year (so these were around the end of april 2011, at the old garden) and this year we're at about the same point, here in the end of march. So a month ahead of last year?!? (...and broccoli was actually growing then because it was still cool. in. april. and may.)
 *radishes, choi, chard, beets, broccoli, flowers, and peas (in a container below, look at them roots!) all from last year

*i loved these little brussels but they never really did much :(  if your concerned about cabbage worms, pay attention for those "cute" purple butterflies (the grown  up version) and sprinkle wood or charchol ash around the base of the plants to ward them off as well! (recyclin'.. always reminds me of a favorite saying 'recyclers do it twice' ..but really, many, many times over!)

*baby choi with a weed of a cosmos peeking through; just planted baby choi last weekend, so hopefully it won't be too hot, because it will flower if it is.. and these actually do get a little bitter with sprouting, probably because they are the most delicate little asian greens i ever did see! definitely a sow true fav!

*strawberries, peas, and morning glories were just sprouting, all of which are currently growing this time of year!
crazy! and although it is spring, spring has decided to pounce instead of creep this year and there are signs of it everywhere you look! The sidewalks are beautified (yes) with glistening buds and flowers stretching out to greet you, wonderful and putrid bradford pears smells fill the air and its so fun to see the wonder it produces! (i'm pretty sure I screamed out loud and maybe shed a tear when I saw the first asparaguy peeking through that soil, breaking its first ground here at the treehouse; or when the fig buds started blooming last week, as I was pretty certain i'd killed it over the winter. a friend spoke of the wonder & delight in her daughters eyes while on a nature walk one day, how precious and young it makes us!)
i can’t really decide, and apparently the mutha herself (earth) is having some trouble making up her mind also, if we’ll have more cool weather or not, or what im doing with my life. as i started this post last Sunday and am finishing it this funday, it's seemed quite frigid (as i sip coffee curled up on the porch writing.. my new fav thing to do) in comparison to the seventy-something temps we’d been graced with last week. and although the weekdays have been quite warm (got in my first warm brp trail runs after work two! days this week!), the weekends have given us a little relief with those spring temps we love! and even a few thunderstorms to encourage the completion of some indoor projects!
just put a few little babes in the ground early last weekend & planted more seeds in the greenhouse (when the temp reached close to 100degrees in there last week, the door has been open since..); and although there were frost warnings, everything survived and is doing great, especially with this weekends rain shower.

i guess we're all learning to be a little more tolerant of the ebb and flow of life.

*lettuce, turnip seeds are in the ground!, beets, spinach, kale      
*onions, beets, flowering (ugh) broccoli (could you call it broccolini?!?)
fyi-hoops and metal indicate the new garden space! -you're likely to find a dirty hoe in there too! :)
last weekend we planted: more lettuce (starts), peas, beets, arugula, baby boc choi, kale, chard (both), and turnips (SOLELY because of l*tb, y'all, cause I haven’t found a way I like to eat a turnip yet..) ... but, can i just say: i love, love, love these raised beds. the dirt is too amazing and i haven't hurt my back once.. and these seeds have turned out to be pretty amazing too! cant wait to post my favorite ones soon!
these lettuces are lovely! and delish!

 *these beets are almost ready and that strawberry? speckled lettuce is going to be beautiful (just went in)

*lots of lettuces
*onion (or as we like to say after the chef, on-yon) progression

                                                 *love hydrangeas and horoscopes. and someone from work made these cute spring time recycled water bottle flowers that are just too cute!

*more pea tendrils, love that word!

 *this might be the best salad mix i've ever made: butter lettuce, another leafy lettuce (unsure of the name, but its pink! and light green), spinach, cress, pea tendrils, dandelion greens, chives, and onion greens. i have been in heaven.. *for real- these spinach leaves are the size of my whole hand, love!!!

*a whole beach towel covered with greens!                         *featured fav pyrex!

*peas in containers at the treehouse, very excited about thems too!
*fern fronds from a recent hike off the parkway.. the one posted earlier was taken this time last year at the disc golf course trails! so cute, or worm-like, say some.. :)

 find love in nature. and root there.                                                               lady luck!

some tomato starts are growing (that may or may not be ready to go in) and we've pulled a ton of weeds and lettuces and radicchios to make room for more going in. like I mentioned before the brassicas are all shooting to bloom, the weather has just been too hot. But they are yum yum to nibble on straight out of the garden. Berries are blooming and looking absolutely beautiful (straw, blue, black rasp, red rasp, and wine, alike!), matt’s worms are alive and twistin’!, asparagus and remnants of last years plants are popping through everywhere saying ‘hello, don’t forget about me!’ …wherever you look, things are moving and the gardens really looking like a living space. (*for the simplicity of these posts im referring to this garden as ‘ours’ and ‘we’ because I’ve fallen in love with it caring for it half of the time and treat it as if it were my own.. buttttttt, for all intensive purposes, this garden is at my friends house and he has put his heart and soul into his amazing little homestead, with wonderful homemade things occupying every corner of the house and acreage. He truly has it going on; and so, when he needed help taking care of this homestead I was immediately thrilled. And he has his own wonderful ideas for projects and collaborations to help asheville turnip the beet!
 if the greens weren't enough! here's a freshly laid (then hard-boiled.. his neighbor has a heap of chickens!) and asparagus (from my porch!!!) to top it off!

As many of you know, our cute little treehouse in the woods is awesome, except for the big little fact that its in the woods, and there’s not much open, or sunny space to support the gardens of my liking. Its property is covered with wild berries though and I have two porch gardens that have done pretty good so far; I had herbs and chard all winter, and I kept the fig, transplanted asparagus(!!!) in a container, potted raspberries, Japanese maple and some other trees alive all winter (thankfully it was mild) and are all budding and blooming right now! I have planted peas, lettuce, more herbs and chard, carrots and beets in containers and plan to have some peppers and tomatoes also in the plastic tubs i mentioned in a recent post.

*pea tendrils used as ground cover are super yummy in salads and pesto! and theres so much lettuce and greens that im "forced" to make (a new fav) green soup sometime today! yum!


*can we take a took at these nitrogen fixin' roots of the pea shoots. holy wow! *if you look closely.. those little white and pink clumps are indicative that Rhizo bacteria are present and that nitrogen has been fixed. that soil it was in has a whole lot of love to give to the plants going in its place! it's just too cool, y'all. too freakin' cool.

*ramp time!

*the lovely ashley english on the cover of this months 'breathe', kombucha, and a new ranunculus; these are just three of my favorite things!

*this years strawberries: pretty in pink!

*a whole strawberry bed. and a whole blackberry/raspberry patch. plus the forest of them around the treehouse. yes.
(there’s also a small plot of UNCA owned land close by I want to try to “seek access to” –I think all I need to do is ask or propose the idea of a community garden-- but I want to see if im really going to have the time to commit first. with this blog and kickstarter idea, along with a few other fun ventures recently!, ive been pretty busy with projects. and seeing as I tend to bite off a little more than I can chew, that plan has been set aside for the next couple weeks to see if i make it through these next few alive.)

Speaking of new projects, when i fell in love with this new to me blog, i decided I’d like to try to do something like it, so i'm givin' it a whirl. (ps- in love with her illustrations.. think im going to treat myself to her ecourse in painting starting in a few weeks!) and truly, I have always loved hand-lettering things (my sister’s tattoo is hand written by yours truly), i get swept away in pen and paper heaven and prose, and if you’re lucky enough to get a package or envelope it’s probably decorated with quotes, images, and/or fancy twirls. So I’m going to *try to post an image of something hand lettered from every day. Forgive me if I get behind as my hands may be in the dirt, the internet may not be accessible (may I suggest check facebook also if you really want to see some, because I cant get to the blog from my phone), or I might be busy trying to figure out what my next move might be!
whatever you may do this spring, enjoy it and keep in mind, its time to ‘lettuce turnip the beet’ y'all!


 *found these pressed in a book from 'goin out west'