Saturday, June 2, 2012

my fancy

hate it's been so long y'all! things have most certainly not died down, but i can't say that i'm not enjoying it!

here are just a few things that have tickled my fancy, this week!

since the ducks aren't in the garden permanently yet, i'm still needing a little help, and these home and natural remedies for pests are lookin' great!

i am very much smitten with these citrus salt recipes, and even more so, the little shakers their in..
i have a hidden box of himalayan pink salt that i've been saving, this will be perfect!
                    perfect display of art supplies!

in need of coop space and shelving, love this!

dollar store cookie sheet + fabric or paper + cute magnets = even cuter magnet board and display!
 gotta share a twix. (a homemade twix.)



yum yum
will be making this immediately!

made this a few weeks ago when i was sick.
to die for good. *i did use actual lasagna noodles and my canned tomato sauce instead

just made this a few weeks ago. time to strain and taste!

ashley english of small measure and homemade living book series (and a personal favvvv! i wrote about my visit to her house earlier on in my first! post..) introduced me to these guys photostream, and man, am i lovin' the images and writing, check out Lexicon of Sustainability

#31 "Farmlife plus Wildlife"

and also to anthro's magazine! (pretty amazing itself) but damn, these women they recently featured are inspiring!

dreaming of this outdoor space. one. day.

loving 'YOLO' currently. there's even a yolo frozen yogurt place across the street from me :)

Source: via Linda on Pinterest

but really, y.o.l.o.

have a blessit weekend, y'all!

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