Tuesday, May 8, 2012

tickles my fancy

Source: piccsy.com via Heather on Pinterest

i figured it out, i found out how to embed! all on my lonesome!
(i dont know why i havent asked friends who know how, oh wait, i know why..) oh.em.gee. i am so excited to share all this fun stuff with y'all! and, i'll appear all the more cooool. as a cucumber.

tips for growing cucs!

ok, so here's more of whats been 'tickling my fancy' this week!

yummy summer veggie recipes!

still having trouble with linking some webpages, so this one's on organic garden control, until the ducks get out there full time!

homemade beauty products!

 tips for growing succulents, just bought some yesterday! excited to play!

i neeeeed this for my sloped yard.. as if i dont have enough garden space as it is. (as if, y'all..) but this would be right out my front door. and its so awesome. i think i'm going to be doing some convincing..
Source: hgtv.com via Heather on Pinterest

must have!
Source: sunset.com via Heather on Pinterest

i love this room. so much.

last, but surely not least, custardy rhubarb pie. oh my heavens. (there's rhubarb almost ready in the garden!)

i love it when y'all send me some of your favs, or things you think i'd like! and most of all, thanks for all the sweet messages and support!

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