Monday, March 5, 2012


found this while looking through some old magazine tear outs and thought it was fitting!

 1. make preparing fresh, wholesome food more about simplifying your life rather than complicating it
2. ease your own stress, learn to master the art of waiting
3. dont confuse being busy with being productive. achievement and purpose cant be rushed
4. make good changes slowly
5. the spiritual and the physical are not mutually exclusive. in order to experience one, you must be fully engaged in the other
6. before you expose the truth, ask yourself: who will benefit- and who will be hurt?
7. fresh insights emerge when you view the world from a different angle
8. wisdom comes with what you let go of, not what you hold onto
9. think of sleep as a form of nourishment. dont let yourself go hungry
10. aging isnt about losing yourself, but affirming who you are, who youve been all along

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