Monday, August 29, 2011

lettuce be.

for those who know me (and the ones that dont, yay!!!) you'll come to know that i love to make lists, most of which fail to ever get completed.. but, lists...

lists for everything i need to do, i need NOT to do, to buy, to cook, to make, and now...lists of things i want to blog about! this list certainly has started to accumulate, and (THANKS to your support!) i simply cannot wait to share them all with you..

and according to a close friend, music-guru, and fellow blogger (evan at, its a good thing i make lists, because i tend to be all over the place. hopefully my blog posts will prove to be a little more concise as my lists become more fine tuned.

this same day i was embarking on another adventure to the beach to mark some more "to do's"off the list: relax and blog. high-strung heather was fully capable of hangin' like chilled out carolina beach local...

i awoke early saturday morning, excited about the sign for the farmer's market i saw on the way in late the night before. i hoped on my bike, and beach-clad in sundress and flip flops- i, of course, forgot my phone. and boy was i disappointed i did when i got there.

the lake of this tiny little beach town was surrounded with booths of all sorts.. there were watermelons galore, tons of tomatoes, rum! cakes (that my dad loved!) and pies o' plenty, jewelry and art for the house and yard alike. it truly was a wonderful surprise to be able to participate in some local efforts while beachin' it.

so as i snacked on cherry tomatoes on the beach and made more lists of things to do, i realized that, although i didnt do yoga on the beach as planned (except for a few failed headstands), or can my curried pickled tom's; i was able to relax and in a self-sustaining way. and i did draft a few (hopefully, more concise) blog posts :)

so here's to a quick post on one of the ways i'm trying to relax and self-sustain..

*asparagus patch

i moved a few months ago from my house on the hill, and into the tree-house, as we've called it for years. unfortunetly, a downside to making the move meant giving up land to garden and the garden i'd kept up the past two years (with an asparagus and strawberry patch, herb spiral garden, wild berries, composting area, and two 10x15 plots).. the tree house has plenty of wild berries, but the garden space was non-existent. and for someone who relied on gardening for stress release, ive had quite the experience re-adjusting.. (*fyi-the girls who moved into my old house have graciously! allowed me to keep what i had in the garden and continue up there until the seasons over and everything dies out, and alot ive transplanted. AND i'm super excited to say, ive even noticed they've started composting! in the old bin!)

*sunflowers from the old house

*container tomatoes

so the 'unflappable heather' (she rarely comes out, unless its really important) found a way to turn our two porches and walkway into a pretty sweet little porch/container garden spot. and i must say, this time i've done better than just lettuce and tomatoes...

 *friendly spider on the raspberries (moved to large container)

*figs! i lost all the early fruit to the summer hail storm

*beets in a container!

*fig, tomatoes, herbs, transplanted asparagus patch
(we'll see....)

*basil, parsley, raspberries, beets, oregano, thyme

 *another view, look for the boot in an upcoming post!

*soon to be pesto!

*habaneros, cayenne, tomatoes, chives, arugula, herbs

so although i have had to adapt a little to the new surroundings, i have embraced this change slightly better than most ive been faced with over the past months, and only hope that it will bring the same peace (and bounty!) as it did before. may some of you find this same peace, by digging your hands in the dirt,  picking the fruits of your labor, or putting up some of that to enjoy during the colder winter months we will soon face. whatever it may be, peace to all of you, in whatever way it comes..

and please check out another great friend's blog (kim at for some extra special relaxtion, yoga!


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